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Why PagePack?

The PagePack (cost-per-click) Program offers a wide range of available printers and service packages to meet your exact requirements. Whether youʼre concerned with initial acquisition costs or need low price-per-page for high-printing volumes, we can craft a PagePack Service and Supplies Plan to suit your specific needs.

PagePack Perks

Predictable Costs

• PagePack provide regularly-scheduled invoices from a single source, giving you clear visibility of total printing costs and enabling you to accurately budget for your office printing. • Any page volume above your monthly page commitment is a predictable flat rate per page.

Always-Ready Supplies

• PagePack Assistant monitoring and the unique PagePack online tool let you order supplies when you need them. Theyʼll be delivered directly to your door. • With all supplies included at a fixed price per page, you donʼt need to worry about print area coverage on your documents.

Quality and Dependability

• Xerox on-site servicing and genuine Xerox supplies ensure your equipment delivers optimum print quality and total dependability.

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